Shir Tikvah Shabbaton

May 10 - 12, 2019 at Herzl Camp in Webster, Wisconsin

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Check out photos from our 2017 Shabbaton and read on for information about our 2019 Shabbaton!

 We are going to camp! Join us for our biennial Shabbat retreat where we:

  • pray and sing around the campfire
  • enjoy good food in good company
  • rest and recharge outside and in our cabins
  • socialize and find solitude
  • learn and play
  • spend time with old friends and make new ones
  • and more - the Shabbaton is what you make it!

 Who comes to the Shabbaton?

 Young and old - there are activities for all ages, from learning to play and everything in between

 Individuals to large families - bond with peers and your loved ones whether you come with yourself or in a group

 Campy folks or indoor-types - Herzl provides a chance to be as in-the-woods or as in-the-A/C as you like

 Shir Tikvah regulars and newbies - the Shabbaton is a perfect chance to strengthen current relationships with Shir Tikvah folks and build new ones

 Accessibility and Radical Hospitality at the Shabbaton

 Herzl Camp is accessible for folks in wheelchairs and those using walkers or canes.

 We honor housing for all genders.

The Shabbaton is better with you.

Registration assistance and financial aid are available.

Please direct your questions to Forrest Yesnes, Director of Youth Education and Programming, at or 612.822.1440.

Save the date: May 7 - 9, 2021

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