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Jewish Academy for Moral Imagination!

Jewish Moral Imagination: The use of our traditions teachings to inspire our creation of the world of our dreams.

The Academy: Our education experience where we cultivate Jewish Moral Imagination and raise Jewish moral actors in the world.

Rosh HaShanah begins on Monday, September 6

Please visit us at www.shirtikvahhighholydays.org to learn more about the High Holy Days season.

JAMI Registration is open!

Read about Year Two below and register before September 6 to save on tuition.

Resources for Students and Families

How we decided it was time to make a change

Explore Jewish Moral Imagination

For Your Family

Jewish Moral Imagination Lay Team

With immense gratitude to Dana Bennis and Melissa Machovsky - our Education Dream and Design Committee Co-Chairs - for their hours of organizing, leadership, questions, and ongoing support. Additional gratitude to committee members at-large Harry Adler, Donna Burnstein, Brian Edelschick, Tamar Ghidalia, Aaron Lichtov, Wendy Morris, Jennie Teichman, Ariella Tilsen, Tam Weiss, and Gayle Zoffer. Special thanks for additional support from Rabbi Debra Rappaport, Raena Davison, and Ari Weinstein.

Jewish Moral Imagination Staff Team

Forrest Yesnes, Director of Youth and Family Education

Raena Davison, Associate Director of Youth and Family Education

Nikolina Erickson-Gunther, Youth and Family Education Assistant

Rabbi Michael Latz, Lead Rabbi

Shir Tikvah's Jewish Academy for Moral Imagination is made possible by the Louis Herman Memorial Fund through the Minneapolis Jewish Federation.

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