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Our new education experience for young people and families of every age, ability, perspective, and background.

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What is Jewish Moral Imagination? Jewish Moral Imagination is the use of our tradition's teachings to inspire us to create the world we desire. It is the ability to dream about the world as it should be even while sitting in the broken pieces of how it is today. It is the process of exploring what impact we want to make and learning how to make it. It is maintaining hope, gathering courage, and expressing love. It is the relationship between tending the life of our own souls, nurturing the communities of which we are a part, and growing skills to repair what is broken across the world. Welcome to the Academy for Jewish Moral Imagination.

What is the Academy for Jewish Moral Imagination? The Academy is our new, premiere learning community for young people of all ages, and their parents/guardians. It comes with a motivating new vision and a program design that responds to the unique interests of all students. It is a moving-on from "Religious School" and a look towards what a 21st Century Shir Tikvah family wants of and needs from their synagogue. It is a laboratory that explores questions like, How do I become more resilient? What does it take to have a brave heart? Where do I express my love in the world? Am I an agent of moral change? It promises to be a meaningful, joyous experience unlike anything we have yet encountered together.

What is in store for 2020-21 / 5781? You are invited to join us throughout the month of August as we share what our year will look like together. Stay tuned for postcards, brochures, videos, phone calls, and town-hall-style conversations on Zoom about this next year. Stay tuned to your inboxes and check back on this page for updates!

Resources: How we decided it was time to change

Resources: Explore Jewish Moral Imagination

HOPE ~ תקוה ~ TIKVAH

For Jews - and especially for Shir Tikvah members - hope is a value, a belief, a practice, a commitment, a dream that the world as it is - full of pain and despair - must be rebuilt to be the world God and we desire; overflowing with love and compassion. Hope is the foundation upon which our community is built, our lives are lived, our relationships are framed, our work in the world is addressed. Hope is the animating value and vision of our people.


Hope requires brave hearts. Hope demands courage. Soul courage. Courageous conversations. The creation of and commitment to sustained brave space to be vulnerable. Our learning should be centered on building the skills and capacity of brave courageous hearts in the world, to seek peace and pursue justice, to do the work of tzedek and tikkun, justice and repair. Holy chutzpah!

LOVE ~ אהבה ~ AHAVAH

Love of Self. Love of Humanity. Love of God. Radical, powerful, holy, agonizing, transformative love. Judaism is a human dignity project. Love is the value that animates our spiritual commitments and our justice work. 

Jewish Moral Imagination Lay Team

With immense gratitude to Dana Bennis and Melissa Machovsky - our Education Dream and Design Committee Co-Chairs - for their hours of organizing, leadership, questions, and support. Additional gratitude to committee members at-large Harry Adler, Donna Burnstein, Brian Edelschick, Tamar Ghidalia, Aaron Lichtov, Wendy Morris, Stacey Rudoy, Jennie Teichman, Ariella Tilsen, Tam Weiss, Gayle Zoffer. Special thanks for additional  support from Rabbi Debra Rappaport, Raena Davison, and Ari Weinstein.

Jewish Moral Imagination Staff Team

Forrest Yesnes, Director of Youth and Family Education

Raena Davison, Assistant Director of Youth and Family Education

Rabbi Michael Latz, Lead Rabbi

Shir Tikvah's Academy for Jewish Moral Imagination is made possible by the Louis Herman Memorial Fund through the Minneapolis Jewish Federation.

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