Our Intention

As Jews, we are committed to perform tikkun olam - repairing the world. At Shir Tikvah, making the world a better place has always been an essential component of our identity. On both an individual and community level, we are dedicated to working toward increasing awareness, fairness, equality, and justice in the world.


The Tikkun Olam Working Group honors the many expressions of tikkun olam in our congregation and works to expand the ways we address issues that impact our world. We focus on big-picture change and encourage a variety of congregational projects as well as movements addressing injustices at a systemic level


Tikkun Olam Working Group (formerly the Social Justice Committee)

Our kavannah - intention - is to actively seek out collaborative and multi-generational projects. We also ally with groups across lines of race, faith, and class to address issues that impact our society, state, and world. Our intent is to also be a clearinghouse for ongoing congregational volunteer activities.

Current Projects:

BACKPACK PROJECT​: For the past several years, Shir Tikvah has been involved in providing backpacks and school supplies to 18 kindergartners enrolled at the Families Together Preschool, a therapeutic preschool that serves children who have experienced trauma in their young lives and who also live in poverty. The program also provides support to their ​parents in developing parenting skills. Please contact Judith Brook if you would like to sponsor a child.Shir Tikvah is joining a community-wide campaign for criminal justice reform in Minnesota. Contact Edan Schwartz for more informationShir Tikvah is proud to announce that we have agreed to partner with The Sheridan Story, Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church and Green Central School in an effort to help bridge the weekend food gap for some of the students at Green Central School. We will be recruiting volunteers to help with this effort and also fundraising on a yearly basis to help support this program.  

There are an estimated 100,000 kids in the Twin Cities living with food insecurities. The Sheridan Story has built a community oriented program that helps those most in need receive additional food for the weekends when free or reduced meals are not available. At the end of 2013, The Sheridan Story approached both Mt. Olivet and Shir Tikvah, neighbors to Green Central School, to create a partnership to sponsor a program at Green Central School.  Both communities eagerly responded. Please donate to The Sheridan Story from the Shir Tikvah Community, or send a check to Shir Tikvah for the Sheridan Project. 

Our Commitment

As our congregation’s vision statement emphasizes, social justice is an integral aspect of how we live our lives as Jews. One of Shir Tikvah’s goals is to integrate social justice into the life of the synagogue through lifelong learning, prayer, and radical hospitality. We encourage all members of Shir Tikvah to participate in social justice work. As a committee, we partner with Jewish Community Action (JCA) and are dedicated to addressing such social issues as food justice, immigration, climate change, economic justice, gun-control legislation, and human rights.


The Tikkun Olam Working Group meets monthly, and all members of Shir Tikvah are encouraged to get involved. 

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