Racial Justice

Read our Racial Justice Taskforce ReportUpdated September 2019

Who We Are

Shir Tikvah—meaning Song of Hope—is a kehillah kedosha (holy community) joyfully revealing the intersections of talmud torah (lifelong Torah study), t’filah (prayer), tzedakah (justice), & hachnasat orchim (radical hospitality). We creatively wrestle with tradition and innovation as we invigorate Jewish spiritual life and transform the world.

Our 540+ families are made up of born Jews and Jews by choice; some grew up in Minnesota and many have come from other places; we are LGBTQ Jews and straight Jews, we are white Jews and Jews of Color and Jews who wrestle with whiteness; we are young families and empty nesters and 20-somethings and octogenarians; those who identify as traditional and spiritual seekers, mystics, and self-described non-believers.

We believe deeply that our diversity is our strength and we strive to be the very best of what a holy community can be. Together, we work to co-create a vibrant and holy community where people are truly welcomed and celebrated. Shir Tikvah values open and probing debate about politics and religion and the ways they intersect.

Through the synagogue, many members of Shir Tikvah find meaningful ways to be socially and politically engaged with our current focus on racial justice, sanctuary/immigrant justice, climate change, addressing gun violence, and more. We are living in a moment when progressive moral voices are necessary to counter the narratives of degradation and cynicism, and we seek to be a progressive Jewish voice of conscience in the public square.

Shir Tikvah’s Commitment to Racial Justice

Shir Tikvah is committed to practicing & pursuing racial equity, racial inclusivity, and racial justice, both within our congregation and in the greater community. We strive to identify racism and to undo racism as a community and an institution.

We are a racially diverse congregation. Shir Tikvah is committed to reflect and honor this diversity in our Shabbat services, on our Board of Directors, in our religious school, and in our other programming.

Shir Tikvah’s Racial Justice Task Force is in ongoing pursuit of these commitments. It pursues them by:

  • Assessing the racial justice and diversity of all aspects of congregational life,

  • Providing training and recommendations to further racial diversity and justice at Shir Tikvah

Shir Tikvah strives to do external work as well by:

  • Enabling members and friends of Shir Tikvah to improve race relations in the broader Twin Cities.

  • Committing to putting pressure on the Jewish world to be more embracing and have more materials that represent Jews of Color.

  • Building relationships and partnerships with others to pursue justice together.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees, March 11, 2019

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