Shabbat with Shir Tikvah

As we practice physical distancing, we will gather together online this Shabbat. Our gathering will take place wherever we are to be found, on Zoom.  

Friday at 6:30pm Kabbalat Shabbat on the Cloud

We will be using this online resource to daven from! Please print out a copy for yourself or have it up on the screen next to the Zoom window...or just use the words of your heart!  

Saturday at 8pm Havdallah with J-Pride and Shir Tikvah

Set an intention for the new week in these unusual times. Please come to this ritual with something that smells like home to you that you can use for the b’samim (havdallah spices).

Additional Ways to Engage: All Programming for March 25 - March 31 with Zoom Links    

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Shir Tikvah is a fiercely loving, affirming, joyful, and inclusive community; we represent all demographics, diverse in identity, gender, race, age, class, ability, and culture. We're energized by the intersections of prayer, pursuit of social justice & equity in our challenging world, and innovative Jewish programming for both child and adult.

All are welcome to join us for our Shabbat service Friday at 6:30pm and most Saturdays at 10:30am- come as you are!

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Shir Tikvah is a kehillah kedosha (holy community) joyfully revealing the intersections of talmud torah (lifelong Torah study), t'filah (prayer), tzedak (justice) hachnasat orchim (radical hospitality). 
We creatively wrestle with tradition and innovation as we invigorate Jewish spiritual life and transform the world.

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